Richard Zinn

Richard Zinn is a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon with a special interest in breast and cosmetic surgery.
1 Verona Lane 3002 Melbourne, Victoria
Phone: (03) 8658 6655

Cosmetic Hand Treatments

Procedure: Fat and hyaluronic acid (HA) filler to dorsum of the hands
Indication: Loss of fat and soft tissue with prominence of veins, tendons and musculoskeletal structures over the dorsum (back) of the hand resulting in telltale signs of aging. Filling these areas with fat or HA filler results in markedly younger looking hands.
Duration: One – two hours
Associated procedures: Facial fat fills. Facial hyaluronic acid filler. Chemical peel. Botulin toxin
Anaesthesia: Local anaesthesia, or general anaesthesia
Incision: Punch incisions for access to liposuction and fat injection. Minimal to no scarring
Length of hospital stay: Day case
Recovery: Swelling, pain, bruising for up to one week