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Richard Zinn is a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon with a special interest in breast and cosmetic surgery.
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Body lift

Procedure: Body lift
Indication: Massive weight loss, especially following bariatric surgery. Folds of excess skin around the abdominal and trunk areas are removed. Buttocks may be lifted and thigh contour improved.
Duration: Four – seven hours
Associated procedures: Liposuction, mastopexy, breast reduction, thigh lift, and brachioplasty
Anaesthesia: General anaesthesia
Incision: Vary according to specific requirements. Ranging from abdominoplasty incisions, fleur de lis incisions, to circumferential incisions hidden in the bikini line
Length of hospital stay: Two – four days
Recovery: Return to work at four weeks. Exercise at eight weeks.

Modern dietry weight loss, exercise and surgical procedures have seen a wave of patients who successfully manage to shed large amounts of excess body fat. These patients may find they are plagued by residual excess skin folds and resistant fat.

An array of surgical procedures have been developed to address these issues. These techniques resect extra skin from the mid section, remove fat with liposuction and allow the repair of hernias and musculofascial weakness. The results leave a tighter trunk and abdomen, lifted buttocks and elevated thighs. Scars tend to be circumferential however, Dr. Zinn designs these to be hidden in bikini lines wherever possible.

Not every patient is the same, therefore a tailored, often stepwise approach is planned to offer each person the right combination of procedures.

For Dr. Zinn, safety is paramount. The body lift is not a weight loss technique in itself, but a way of improving body contour after massive weight loss. Patients should be weight stable (no fluctuations) for six months prior to this surgery. A full physical and metabolic screen is performed so as to ensure no hidden medical conditions or deficiencies will impact on the healing process. Patients must refrain from smoking.

The surgery itself is a major surgical procedure. Dr. Zinn performs this as an inpatient, under general anaesthetic. The procedure will take between four and seven hours, depending on what is being addressed. Commonly, drains are used and the patient is required to recover in the hospital for two – four days prior to discharge.

Recovery will take a few weeks. Restriction on activity allows the wounds to heal without complications. The patient is able to return to work at four weeks and exercise at eight weeks. Dr. Zinn recommends compression garments be worn to improve shape, reduce swelling and reduce the incidence of fluid collections (seroma). Scar management protocols are instituted following the surgery to encourage wound healing and optimal scarring

Dr. Zinn is focused on ensuring you are safe and supported throughout this journey beginning with your first consultation, where all questions are encouraged, through to the surgery and post-operative recovery process. Please come in for a personalised consultation to discuss how he can help you.