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Richard Zinn is a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon with a special interest in breast and cosmetic surgery.
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Breast lift

Procedure: Breast lift
Indication: Lifting and reshaping of the breasts to give a more youthful aesthetic appearance
Duration: Two-three hours
Associated procedures: Tummy tuck, liposuction, nipple and areolar reduction, breast augmentation
Anaesthesia: General anaesthesia
Incision: Periareolar (around the areolar), Vertical (lollipop), Wise pattern (Inverted T)
Length of hospital stay: Day case to 24 hours
Recovery: Return to week at 10 days. Driving two weeks. Return to exercise six weeks

Age, pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight-loss, and genetics result in the sagging, change of shape and position of the female breasts. This is also known as breast ptosis. It is natural and unavoidable. However this can be reversed.

A mastopexy also known as breast lift is noted for altering the shape of the breast and position of the nipple and this operation can reduce or augment the volume of the breast at the same time.

The techniques and incisions used for a breast reduction can be modified for a breast lift. Scarring varies from around the nipple areolar complex, to the ‘lollipop’ and ‘anchor’. The shape, size, and position of the areolar and nipples can also be adjusted.

Dr. Zinn provides treatments of breast lift in Melbourne and he makes sure to minimise the scars and enhance the overall appearance. Your goals for this surgery are explored during an in depth consultation and the options are formulated.

Surgery is performed under general anaesthesia. The surgery can take a time of about three hours. Patients are discharged home the same day of the procedure or the following day. A post-surgical bra is worn for six to 12 weeks after the operation. Recovery is rapid and return to work by day 10-14. On opting for surgeries of breast lift in Melbourne from Dr. Zinn, you would also be required to go through an advanced scar management programme that would alleviate the chances of scarring and provide one with desirable results.