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Richard Zinn is a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon with a special interest in breast and cosmetic surgery.
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Breast Reduction

Procedure: Breast reduction
Indication: Reduction in the size and volume, while improving the shape of the breast and position of the nipple areolar complex. Improvement of symptomatic macromastia (painful bra straps, backache, headaches, shoulder and arm pain)
Duration: Two-three hours
Associated procedures: Liposuction, abdominoplasty, mastopexy, breast reconstruction
Anaesthesia: General anaesthesia
Incision: Liposuction only (no scar), periareolar (around the areolar), vertical (lollipop scar), wise pattern (inverted T or anchor scar)
Length of hospital stay: 24 hours
Preoperative: A thorough breast examination, and screening ultrasound and mammogram will be performed. You should not be smoking any cigarettes for three weeks before and three weeks after the surgery. Discuss any medication (even over the counter) you are taking with Dr. Zinn to ensure these are safe.
Recovery: Recovery is more rapid and painless than expected. Drains are left in for 24 hours and removed prior to discharge. Oral pain medication is adequate on discharge. Return to work and driving at two weeks. Return to exercise at six weeks. A supportive bra without an underwire for the first two months.

Macromastia (or the condition of having large breasts) can cause an increasing number of problems including backache, excruciating pain in arms, shoulders and neck, visible bra-strap lines, difficulty in finding clothes and undergarments that fit. Problems including psychological distress and sexual dysfunction have been well documented. These problems have a real impact on one’s quality of life.

The evolution of the breast reduction procedure over the past 50 years has led to the emergence of dependable, safe, and aesthetic techniques that yield consistent results. The treatments that Dr. Zinn commonly employs include liposuction only (no scars), vertical incisions (lollipop) or wise-pattern reductions (inverted T scar).

The breasts can be reduced in volume while their shape, proportion, nipple position, and areolar size could be improved. Sensation is usually maintained, as is the ability to breastfeed. Scars are well hidden and symptom relief is immediate. As the volume of breast is reduced, the risk of future breast cancer has also been shown to be reduced. Satisfaction from this procedure is one of the highest in all of plastic surgery.

By having your breast reduction in Melbourne with Dr. Zinn, great care and attention is offered to each patient by assessing their unique circumstances. Consultations start with a thorough history and physical examination. Weight, height, smoking, and other risks are screened. Your unique physique is examined to understand your specific needs. A breast examination, mammogram, and breast ultrasound is performed as standard health screening. With your goals in mind, Dr. Zinn will tailor a plan to suit your requirements.

Dr. Zinn’s extensive experience and surgical skill, allow him to offer a safe, predictable and pleasing breast reduction for his patients. He aims to take care of you from your first consultation, through to the healing and scar management phase.

Breast reduction takes a duration of two to three hours, with an overnight stay at the hospital. Recovery can take up to 14 days with regular check-ups to ensure you are healing well. Most patients return to work by two to three weeks. If you are undergoing a breast reduction in Melbourne with Dr Zinn, the use of a post-operative bra is recommended for six– eight weeks following the procedure.