Richard Zinn

Richard Zinn is a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon with a special interest in breast and cosmetic surgery.
1 Verona Lane 3002 Melbourne, Victoria
Phone: (03) 8658 6655

Breast Reconstruction

Procedure: Breast reconstruction
Indication: Restoration of form following benign and malignant breast surgery
Duration: Variable according to the disease itself. A single surgery to multiple surgeries and ‘touch-ups’ may be required or requested by the patient
Associated procedures: Mastopexy, breast reduction, tissue expander, expander-to-implant change, oncoplastic reduction, DIEP reconstruction, Latissimus dorsi reconstruction, fat fills, nipple reconstruction, areolar tattoo
Anaesthesia: General anaesthesia
Incision: Variable according to choice of reconstruction
Length of hospital stay: Day case to five days
Recovery: Variable according to the reconstructive modality

Dr. Zinn’s primary goal is to reconstruct the breasts after the diagnosis and management of breast cancer. He works with oncological breast surgeons in both the public and private service offering a full range of reconstructive modalities. He heads the Breast Reconstruction Division of The Plastic and Reconstructive Surgical Department at The Northern hospital, as well as offering services at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.

Breast reconstruction varies according to the underlying disease process, the stage of the disease and the requirement for radiation and chemotherapy. The surgeon must consider the impact on both breasts. The decision of what reconstruction to pursue takes into account the patient’s request, their plan for their healthy breast and the available tissue for the reconstruction.

A breast can be reconstructed with autologous (one’s own tissue), alloplastic (silicone and saline implants), and sometimes a combination of both of these modalities. Adjunctive techniques such as liposuction, fat filling, nipple reconstruction, and areolar tattooing are powerful adjuncts in the pathway to a satisfying reconstruction and a full recovery.

Dr. Zinn’s approach to this surgery involves being part of the oncological team. Working with breast surgeons, medical, and radiation oncologists, therapy is tailored to what is best for the patient. In depth discussions with the patient will lay out all options available. With guidance and support, the patient makes the decision as to what is ideal for their circumstance.

Thereafter, a clear systematic reconstructive plan is laid out for the patient with support and compassion through every stage so that the entire treatment of breast reconstruction could lead to optimal outcomes.

Dr. Zinn is happy to spend hours with a patient who requests a surgery of breast reconstruction in Melbourne, answering questions and making sure they are clear about what options are available, how the surgery is performed and any risks and complications.