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Muscle Relaxing Injections


Procedure: Muscle relaxing injection
Indication: Facial rhytides (wrinkles) including forehead, glabella, crows-feet, perioral fine lines, chin ‘pebbling’ and platysmal bands.
Duration: 40 minutes
Associated procedures: Chemical peel, facial filler, facial fat fills
Anaesthesia: Local anaethesia
Incision: None
Length of hospital stay: None
Recovery: Immediate. Occasional slight bruising

The use of muscle-relaxing injections is the most commonly performed cosmetic procedure in the world. This product is a purified toxin made from Clostridium bacteria, a naturally occurring bacteria.

The muscle relaxing toxin has various cosmetic and medical applications. In cosmetic medicine, it has been used to cause temporary paralysis of muscles involved in facial expressions. When performed skillfully, this can reduce fine lines, raise the brow, eradicate platysmal bands, and soften hypertrophic frown muscle. It can also help to treat migraines, profuse sweating(hyperhidrosis) and various forms of spasms, contractures and cerebral palsy.

Muscle relaxing injections is a wonderful adjunct to a number of procedures offered by Dr. Zinn, or as a standalone procedure.

Treatment is performed in the consulting rooms. Recovery is immediate and there is no down time. It can even be performed in your lunch-break! It takes three to four days for the product to take effect, with a routine follow up appointment at one week to check symmetry and offer any ‘touch-ups’.

Dr. Zinn’s belief is to use the minimal amount of toxin to attain the desired effect. The goal is to achieve a subtle, refreshed, more youthful appearance, while still allowing natural expression.